Aflamo Unique Smart 100 - Three sided electric fireplace

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Aflamo Unique Smart 100

The new UNIQUE SMART NO HEAT* series from Aflamo are beautiful electric three-sided fireplaces with the latest flame techniques. This built-in fireplace (without heat output) can be viewed from 3 sides and has a special depth effect, making the firebed and decorations such as a luxurious wood set and fireglass bricks clearly visible. A big plus of this 3-sided decorative fireplace is that the fireplace has no built-in edges. The fireplace is therefore easy to slide into the niche opening and easy to remove again.

Buy a Unique Smart three-sided electric built-in fireplace?

The Unique Smart 100 No Heat* is a three-sided electric built-in fireplace without heating, but with top light. Toplight means that this fireplace has lighting above that shines on the logs. This gives the fireplace an extra luxurious look, similar to an expensive built-in fireplace. This is the only three-sided fireplace in its price range where the mood lighting can be optimally adjusted to your mood. Both the flames and the top lighting as well as the bottom lighting can be set separately in a color.

Due to the narrow edge at the front, the fireplace can easily be built into an existing cove or in a cinewall under a television. This panoramic fireplace is the only one of its kind with a smooth finish on the front and sides, so no screws are visible. Some other highlights: The flames can be adjusted in color, the fire bed can be adjusted in 10 different colors, a 3-sided fire image, the flames are dimmable, APP control and much more!

Advantages of Aflamo Unique Smart 100 NH (100cm) 

  • Three-sided fireplace | Luxurious and modern appearance
  • Easy to slide into cove or Cinewall
  • Very suitable in a wall, on the wall or under a television
  • Matte black back wall without mirror reduces annoying glare.
  • Variants: built-in - intermediate mounting - hanging (incl. wall bracket)

Fire image & options

  • Toplight adjustable in 10 colors (top lighting)
  • Bottom light adjustable in 10 colors (bottom lighting)
  • 6 flame colors (dimmable)
  • Flame speed controller
  • Deluxe logs
  • Black and translucent fire glass as ground cover

Heat function & safety

  • No heating
  • Timer function: adjustable up to 8 hours
  • Remote control & App control 

*No Heat means that this fireplace does not contain an electric heater.


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